MagaZinema is intended to show a collection of photographic slides made of an assortment of short movies that links you automatically to the original websites. MagaZinema is an international motion picture magazine, a visual publication on the World Wide Web, issued at regular intervals (weekly updated) containing stills from short Internet movies and other interesting video stuff. MagaZinema is the platform for everybody who is interested in pictures and movie making, films of real or fictional events recorded by a digital video camera and projected onto your computer as a sequence of moving pictures, usually with an accompanying soundtrack. MagaZinema is like a container full of movies that quickly can be watched in a preview and stored or be removed from your desktop. Newest pictures will be shown in a logical structure in front and 'oldies but goodies' will be kept at the backside in an archive. MagaZinema can be used as your regular container for loading films into your computer. To add a new item, just send the complete URL and a representative still with an image size of 96 x 72 pixels to new@magazinema.com